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Codeminer42 Tour 2023/1: RailsConf & Reactathon

A rundown of our participation in tech events for 2023's first semester

At Codeminer42, we believe that participating in and actively contributing to software development communities are important aspects of our endeavors. Beyond our contributions through blog posts, open source, and online talks, in the first half of this year, we took a tour abroad to attend two conferences of major importance to our field.


Our tour began in Atlanta at RailsConf. The conference covered a lot of good content regarding practices and techniques for development teams. There were also talks specific to Rails projects and even discussions on how to better understand and contribute to the framework.

But what called our attention the most was the quality of the talks and panels about mentorship. As a company that has professional development and mutual help as some of our core values, mentorship plays a crucial part in what makes our employees succeed. Seeing the subject in the spotlight reaffirmed we’re on the right track.

Since RailsConf is such an important event to the Ruby on Rails community, a technology that has been with us since day zero, Codeminer42 was one of the sponsors of the event.

Tenderlove talking to the audience in RailsConf 2023 (source: RailsConf 2023 official photos)

Besides watching the talks, getting to know fellow members of the Ruby on Rails community was such a blast! From developers that are highly influential in the field, to people that have just started their journey through web development, every conversation showed how engaged and inclusive the community is. We can’t wait to keep in touch with all of you!


The next stop of our tour was the Rectathon conference in San Francisco. In this edition of the conference, we had a miner as one of the speakers. Henrique gave a thorough talk on how Concurrent React works and how to use it. You can watch the official recording of the talk here: "Concurrent React made easy". And, if you feel like digging deeper into the subject after watching it, you can also check the post “Everything you need to know about Concurrent React”.

Henrique showing a slide about Interruptibility and Prioritization

The conference also included a lot of content about the new React features, like SSR streaming and the hot topic of the moment: React Server Components!

In addition to attending the talks and panels, our team had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with some of the most influential maintainers of the React ecosystem libraries, strengthening ties between us and the community.

Also, as part of our activities to support the community, we were one of the companies sponsoring the conference, next to other big names in the software development industry.

Reactathon Sponsors Banner

Coming back

As much as it was amazing to attend these events and meet such awesome folks, it’s finally time to be back again. We can now review everything we learned and put into practice all the ideas formed from the result of the whole experience. We hope to see you soon on our next journeys!

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