Why I’m Enjoying My Job at Codeminer

Guido Mine — Zabrze — Poland

I’ve been developing software — most back-end development — in the past eight years. Like many web developers, I love Ruby on Rails, and I’m very happy to work with it. Last year (2014 ), I was hired by Codeminer.

Codeminer 42 is a Brazilian software boutique. Our specialty is Ruby on Rails web development and other tech stuff like mobile development. We are passionate to deliver great software with real value to our customers.

What I’m doing

Coding, of course. Actually, I’m a developer, so it’s my main job. Developing software is a really hard task, but it can be very challenging and enjoyable. I mean, when you can code following quality standards that the project deserves.

Hiring. I’ve worked with talent management for more than one year at AIESEC, along with my technical background I’m putting my skills in practice to hire the best talents I can find. Moreover, we are running an internship program, so discovering new potential talents is essential.

Maybe, hiring is the hardest challenge for tech companies nowadays.

Mentoring. As Chad Fowler recommends in his book — the passionate programmer — find a mentor and be a mentor. I wish every beginner developer have a mentor it would have been easier for me if I had one.

Planning, but not just planning current projects. I’m helping the commercial department to elaborate proposals for new projects, estimating deadlines and budget.

Responsible for launching an office. With my friend Guilherme, I was responsible for starting a local office here in Sorocaba. It’s a good challenge to manage an office, you feel like the company owner, so, much more responsible than other employees. For now, we are at Startup Sorocaba Coworking (we are very happy, by the way).


In our internal wiki, there’s a good explanation for it:

Having “Autonomy” is not the same as having “Total Freedom”. Autonomy, in the context of a responsible company, means that employees have the freedom to make choices that meet their assigned responsibilities. Autonomy is freedom with accountability.
That said, it means that the teams are expected to evolve as much as possible to a state of self-management, where results are met within expectations without excessive levels of individual control.

Codeminer is a horizontal company; there are no managers. But, it doesn’t mean that we are not managing anything, being self-managed is a big challenge. In addition to, autonomy is one of the pillars of motivation. I love it.


Technology is always changing, so as a developer, you must continuously improve yourself. Nothing is better than having a great environment to help you develop your skills day by day. Everyone tries to help; trolls are not welcome.

Codeminer is a dynamic company with a lot of cool projects. Being able to work with different projects, provides you with too many possibilities to learn new things every day. I’m learning a lot!

In sum, I’m working with software development, but with much more nontechnical activities, it’s something that really matters to me. The social contact with others makes me happy as well.

What about you? Are you enjoying your job?

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