Codeminer42’s top 5 posts in 2022

Happy holidays!

2022 was a remarkable year in the tech community. We had many new frameworks, tools, products, and concepts emerging. To celebrate what we learned and our work on technical writing, we compiled a list of the five posts we most liked and discussed this year.

Dependency Injection in JS/TS - Part 1 & Part 2

Henrique's Dependency Injection in JS/TS two-post series is an excellent guide to mastering the Dependency Injection technique. It covers everything developers need to know to put it into practice on a professional level.

Whether you have heard about the concept before or not, this series make sure to include everything, going from the fundamentals and use case to implementation examples exploring different approaches.

5 Truths About Tailwind CSS

Tailwind has been growing in popularity since its conception, and a lot of people have been vocal about their opinions on it in the last year. It's sometimes seen as a controversial tool. People who talk about it either love it or hate it.

Iago had the opportunity to use it at work and was initially skeptical about its trade-offs. Still, after some months of working with it, things that initially seemed bad turned out to be positive, bringing different benefits to the project that may be hard to spot without getting your hands into practice.

Here are the five truths he put together, but don't miss checking his opinion on each of those topics and what they bring attached:
1. It's Ugly and Verbose;
2. Not Leaving your HTML Makes you Build UIs Quicker;
3. It's a Design System that Brings Consistency by Default;
4. It Doesn't Fit all Designs;
5. It Works Well with Components.

Everything you need to know about Concurrent React (with a little bit of Suspense)

Concurrent rendering is a game-changing feature that came out in React 18.

This post lives up to its name. Henrique dives into concurrent UI updates, explaining why synchronous rendering can sometimes cause bottlenecks in UI feedback.
After introducing this problem, he compares the performance between a synchronous and a concurrent rendering List component. This example is very instructive and makes it click in our minds.

If you're into React development and want to be updated with recent changes in React, definitely check it out.

Event-Driven Architecture #1: First Look

Event-Driven Architectures are a frequent topic in every System Design discussion.
Carlos makes an overview of EDA. This post goes through the producer-consumer concept and talks about messages and queues. He breaks down the events' flow showing how everything wires together in his first post.

Part 2 takes a step forward by building an example using Rails and RabbitMQ, wrapping up by covering it with automated tests.

CodeTips#1: Exploring Hashes in Ruby

We deal with hashes in mostly every Ruby program. In this post, Luan explores hashes' characteristics and a couple of different ways to fetch values from them.
Pointing out that, in certain contexts, there might be a more convenient way to grab the data you want.

Honorable mentions

Five is a magic number, but I couldn't leave out the list this fantastic Debugging Series we started this year.

Debugging is something every developer does on a daily basis, and doing it efficiently not only speeds up development but helps you find that edge-case scenario bug.

Sometimes developers can be unfamiliar with how to debug properly and make use of modern debugging tools. We hope it helps people going down the rabbit hole of debugging.

We hope you enjoyed following those articles as much as our team did writing them.
Next year we're committing to continue growing our knowledge base and sharing it back with the community.

Best wishes to everyone in this next cycle around the sun, and let's see what we'll achieve!

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